This information is confidential and to be used for your eyes only. If this information is leaked in anyway legal action can be brought against you. Please treat our company and your new amazing job with respect.

Before You Work

After you have ordered your supplies please await contact from your Branch Manager. Your final test will consist of you arriving in person at your managers storage facility makeup ready with all of your materials in hand as your assigned character. Your manager will test your character knowledge and your memorization of our performance flow and guidelines. After passing this test your manager will have you get ready in costume and take a video of you to send to the owner.

If you have never performed in costume before...immediately following, you will be required to go to an assigned area to perform an act of charity for the community or perform advertising for Regal Characters for one hour. This experience will allow you the knowledge of performing in character and prep you for your future performances and interactions. Immediately following your performance you will be required to return your costume to your manager. Allow 4-5 Hours for this entire final test and experience. 


Pay Rate

Birthday Party Pay

Same Day Cash from the Parent. We typically provide all costumes and materials unless you have your own.

30 Minute Appearance-$50

1 Hour Performance-$70

1.5 Hour Performance-$90

2 Hour Performance-$110

Event Pay

Variable Pay Scale-$20-$50 hourly.

Event Pay-Payable by the owner or the accounting department within 30 days of worked date via paypal or check.